In Which I Eat My Words

Yes, well. When I said 'bring it on' I admit I was being a bit cocky and wasn't exactly expecting to be challenged to that extent. It seems that it hasn't stopped snowing for the last 20 days (I may be exaggerating for effect here) and that my children never go to school anymore (again with the exaggerations) and that our front door is snowed shut. (You're getting the idea, right?) While I still hold that it's lovely, it's becoming somewhat inconvenient. Productivity levels have dropped to near-zero levels and cabin fever has set in a bit earlier in the season than usual.

On the news front I'd like to share with you that during the month of March some selections of my work will be hanging in a group show in a gallery in Ft. Lauderdale and others will be represented on the gallery's website. In support of that I've also launched an online print shop and updated my website to separate out the portrait work from the fine art. I'll be adding images to the print shop over the coming weeks and if you have any requests, please don't hesitate to send me a message.

And lastly, going forward, I've decided to scrap the separate 'Project 365' page and post my 365 images here on the blog.