I'm a Big Dummy

So here's the thing. Niall tried explaining this to me when I first showed him how I was making the Roundabout Quilt but he used Architect lingo and I didn't exactly get it. When my good friend Andrea explained it to me—something clicked.

What's missing from the Roundabout template is a seam allowance.

I've cut the 'pie' and the 'slice' from the same shape instead of adding seam allowance to them. Admittedly it works (albeit with a lot of stretching, pulling and trimming down) and it may be a more efficient way to cut the shapes (less waste and half as much cutting) but it most certainly isn't correct.

I feel terrible that I've got you all following my methods when they are so...well...wrong. Here's Andrea's diagram to explain what I mean and I hope you're not too sore with me for leading you astray.

In other news: we are back from a very long, very wet, pretty cold trip to the majestic Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

It'll take me a while to get back in the swing of things and plug back in, so regular posting and email returning and facebook updating (and laundry doing and dinner cooking) might be on a slight delay...