I Swear It Wasn't Rigged

Just because she lives less than a mile from me or because I have issues about going to the post office at holiday time or because she has three of the most adorable and precocious little girls ever doesn't mean that I would do something like that. I used the random number generator and Alexis' number just came up. Promise.

Thank you to everyone who wrote about their favorite childhood books. I was reminded of times I hadn't thought of in decades and sweet memories of reading with my mother and I got some great ideas of books for my boys. It was suggested to me that I compile a list of the books that people wrote about (there were quite a few that came up over and over) and I plan to do just that—after the holiday madness subsides.

Hanukkah starts this coming Friday night and Niall and I took a break from the preparations this past weekend for dinner out in New York City with friends. It was snowing and The City was lit up for the holidays. We took the train in and watched the snow fall out the windows.

Not bad for date night.