Study in Orange Mini-Quilt.

You know that feeling you get before a trip? The one where you have to finish everything because you can't stand the thought of coming home to a mess of housekeeping and unfinished projects? I'm not going anywhere but I'm finally having that surgery on my hand. I'm feeling pressure about how hard it might be to take care of things (changing the diaper of a thirty-three-pound-squirmy-human for example) with the use of only one hand for a few weeks. More than that though, I'm feeling stress about not being able to create for a while. I can't remember the last time I went weeks without making something. Anything. I feel like a condemned prisoner and I've been sewing and cleaning like mad.

An opportunity? To just be. Perhaps. To read? Maybe. (Any must-read-book suggestions?) To play more games with my kids and nap during nap-time? Yes. Movies? Probably not. Catching up on blog-reading and writing? Most definitely!