hello from sunday afternoon

now that i've sufficiently lowered my expectations (and possibly yours) i'll forge on ahead to the next stage of all this and share some of my truth. i've got cookies in the oven—it's a sunday thing. my family, set in their ways as they are, is suspicious of any recipe that takes them away from our standard chocolate chip—time honored and committed to memory. and yet, i can't help but venture out in search of something greater. today's experiment comes to us from the most lovely of blogs. do visit molly and come back and thank me.

as i write, there is a small child skipping around the sofa clad only in superhero underpants and a backpack. he is in the midst of a running dialog with himself and, although i can't hear every word, i'm confident it includes the fighting of evil forces in the universe. where does the fascination with superheros come from, i wonder. i'm told that 'boys will be boys' but just between you and me, i'm not buying that—i believe that parenting can prevail (somewhat) over such stereotypes. having said that, however, i let my boys play with dolls and yet they often choose weapons. can you explain this?

as i look up now i think it's only right to tell you that he has changed into a batman costume with a surgical mask covering his mouth and now is armed with a helicopter.

i danced with my father last night.

there is no feeling in friendship quite like the feeling of being known. and no matter how insightful or magnetic a connection, nothing can take the place of longevity.

i've been busy of late with projects that all came to a head at the same time. the involvement has been a pleasure but i'm somewhat overburdened and believe i need a stern lesson in saying 'no'.

tomorrow we embark on a journey. an annual pilgrimage of sorts. bathing suits and sweatshirts and jeans packed tightly into the car which heads to a ferry. a week of sandy toes and salty air. a week of navigating the politics of a nine year age difference and two children. it's no different, really, from what we do every day. but on vacation things are heightened. the joy and relaxation right along side with the bickering of boys. i read this and frankly, don't have much to add right now.