Heather H.

If you're a fan of the New York Times crossword puzzle you probably already know that the University of Maine is in Orono. I know this because I attended college there. It's possible that I am the only Jewish girl from the Upper East Side of Manhattan who had ever before, and probably since, gone to school there. And while I was pretty stoked to escape my high school roots I admit that I was lonely for other New Yorkers. Until I met Heather.

She was a welcome burst of loud, in-your-face, fast-paced energy in a sea of Birkenstocks and forestry majors. We were instant friends and have been for the twenty years since.

Heather is gifted with words and writes with a voice as intimate as if you were talking over coffee. She is smart and funny and very outgoing. She is as sharp as a tack and remembers everything we've ever discussed. She is up to date on, well, everything, and I can't for the life of me understand how she manages to read as many newspapers and magazines as she does while raising two kids and working freelance. She had a successful career in fundraising and it won't surprise me one bit when she returns to the non-profit world with a force.

And what's underneath the engaged and boisterous exterior? More of the same. Devoted and passionate about everything she does, if you're choosing players for your team—you'd be wise to pick Heather first.