I met Heather recently when she and her business partner hired me to design their website. She falls in the group of mothers in this project who are new to me and that I'm only just getting to know. What I do know about her is that she is always smiling.

And what a beautiful smile it is. I also know that she is raising a daughter by herself. I mention this fact, and I've done the same in the other profiles of single mothers during this series, because I've been there, and It. Is. Hard. We all know that motherhood isn't for the faint of heart, but try doing it with no backup. And smiling. Okay, moving on. Heather is clever and down to earth and fully committed to sustainable living. She writes a thoughtful blog on the subject and gently promotes the concept during many conversations. She believes in putting her money where her mouth is, and lives an organic life with a strong emphasis on all things local. She is hard-working and intelligent and lovely to be around. I'm thrilled to be working on her website and also to count her among the women in my life.