Hear Me Roar

Sometimes inspiration grabs me and won't let me go until my shoulders ache from cutting fabric. Until my eyes are watery with squinting at binding stitches. Until I notice a two year old eating corn chips out of the bag. On my bed.

I had that day yesterday.

I finished piecing a quilt. I finished binding another quilt. I finished drafting the pattern for- and cutting fabric for- yet another quilt. I took my son to lunch with his friend. I managed a shower and cooked dinner and read The House on East Eighty Eighth Street (three times). I changed fourteen diapers (this might be a slight exaggeration). I counseled one middle school crisis to conclusion. I volunteered some time for a cause dear to my heart. I had tea with my mother. I chatted with a neighbor. I watched 24 with my husband. I was superwoman.

Today I'm going to take it a little easier.