Greatest Hits (Vol. 1)

Have you heard? Amy over at Park City Girl is hosting a Quilt Festival. It's easy if you'd like to join in. All you have to do is post a photo of- and tell the story that goes along with- your favorite quilt. That's it.

Here's mine.

It's hands down my all-time favorite because of its story but I also really like it's simplistic design and its swirly quilted goodness.

For years after Jake was born I saved my favorite of his shirts, coveralls and other assorted clothing items. For a time I saved them in hopes of passing them down to another baby but after my divorce it didn't seem likely. Still though, that box of clothing sat in my attic and moved with me from one house to another. And then I learned how to quilt. Once I gained enough confidence in my skills I realized that I would make the saved clothing into a quilt. So I cut squares out of the clothes and (as these things often do in my life) they sat. They sat and sat for years. And a few months before Jake turned nine I told him that I was pregnant. It was his idea to make the squares of his baby clothing into a quilt for his unborn brother. So I did. And I finished it just before Quinn was born almost two years ago. But he doesn't get to use it much because it lives on our sofa—because I love it. And yes, Jake did wear quite a lot of plaid.

Thanks Amy for organizing and for giving me a chance to revisit this old favorite. I'm looking forward to meeting a bunch of new bloggers through the festival. The last time I checked participation was up well over three hundred. Wow!