Grandmom Betty

Betty is my older son's grandmother (my ex-husband's mother). We call her Grandmom because it's possibly the only Southern tradition she holds onto from her childhood in Mississippi. Other than that she may be just about the most non-traditional grandmother that I know.

She is highly computer literate and gadget savvy and she has a memory that makes mine seem meager. She has a lifetime of stories to tell and each one is filled with details that go on and on (which may or may not be the subject of some playful ribbing at family dinners). She raised three boys by herself and still holds down an office job. Her interests run the gamut from environmental concerns to pop culture and vegetable gardening and she is a doting Grandmother. She was sad when Sean and I divorced but never took sides or passed any judgement. Betty is an important figure in Jake's life and brings unconditional love and color to our family—for all this and more, I am eternally grateful to her.