First Warm Day

We had class outside today. What feels better than taking off one's shoes and walking in the grass for the first time since the frost set in?

I have a sixty degree rule. It's not complicated. If it's warmer than sixty degrees, no socks are required. If it's cooler, well, you get it. Big has pointed out that the rule makes no allowances for a day that is exactly sixty degrees. Recent discussions have determined the answer to be that socks should used at the discretion of the foot-owner on exactly-sixty-degree-days. I'm currently considering an amendment that has been brought before me to change the requirement to fifty-five. Stay tuned.

Craft content note: The poorly constructed one-patch quilt in the photo is the first thing I ever sewed. It's flannel backed and transportation-themed (Big was about four when I made it and very interested in things with wheels). Big has officially gifted it to Little and we use it almost every day. I love it's sad crooked seams.