I met Eve when she interviewed me for the newspaper shortly after opening the yarn shop (four years ago?). I remember enjoying her quick wit and dry sense of humor.

Since then our paths have crossed at least weekly as we frequent some of the same spots in the town we both call home. Despite that fact, I don't know her well. One thing I'm confirming through this exercise is that no one is ordinary, but Eve might fall a little farther outside the lines than the rest of us—and I think she likes it that way. I know that she is a writer of fiction and non-fiction alike and that she is interested in human nature. Her love of all things equestrian comes through during most conversations and she has an aura of mystery about her. She is the mother of a grown son and the beautiful pony in this photo and some dogs too. She is at once sophisticated and silly and offbeat, and I am sure that discovering more about Eve will be compelling, as everything I know so far certainly is!

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