Doing Business

Among the reasons I've been spending less time here recently one that ranks near to the top of list is this: I've been blogging elsewhere. I thought long and hard about combining my personal and professional spaces to avoid spreading myself too thin, but I came to the conclusion that what gives me the most satisfaction about this space is it's personal nature. I made the choice to keep business-related, well, business over there (with a few exceptions) and keep on keeping on about everything else over here. But it occurs to me that y'all might like to see the work I've been doing. So, if you're interested in recent shoots and other Soulshine-related news, please pop over and say hi. There's a Facebook page too for updates, photos and promotions. And lastly, you might notice a new link up top to my 365 project which can also be followed on my Flickr stream. Thank you all for your support this past year. I'm feeling optimistic about 2011 and all the promise it holds.