dear jake,

i'd like to give you a hug in public but i know it would embarrass you in front of your friends so instead i'll just write a whole bunch of private stuff on my blog. none of your friends will see this, right?

about us: while it's not the family fox news would have you believe you need, i know they are wrong. this family has come together to love you. four unique parents, two siblings (half and step), grandparents, friends and neighbors and extended family that reach farther than you realize. that's a lot of people who love you. and jake, you require a lot of love.

about you: the way you experience your life, the intensity with with you live your moments, i know it's often hard for you. but it's also the exact thing that makes you such a compelling and engaging human being. your levels are extreme: passion and pain and not so much in between. love and hate. success and failure. you are not average. and while i know that you often wish for average and the anonymity and ease that seem to come with it, you'll have to trust me when i tell you—please trust me sweet boy—it's hard now, but average is not your destiny, and you will not fail. we will not let you fail. you do not have it in your soul to fail. i promise you this.

all of us? our crazy family? we are team jake. we believe in you and we've got your back. every day.

happy birthday my sweet jj.