Day 730


I've been digging my iPhone lately. Somewhere about two-thirds of the way through my second year of my photo-a-day project I got tired (o.k.: lazy) of carrying my heavy camera every single time I walked out of the house. Yes, I've come to terms with the long-since quiet part of my brain that whined about how, if I was always worried about missing a moment, I was actually missing all the moments. Over it. Completely convinced that using my lens to document actually enables me to be more fully in the moment. Remembering to look for beautiful and memorable moments inside everyday minutia for the sake of a photograph actually enhances the moments I experience. But here's the rub: sometimes it's a pain in the ass. Don't forget your camera. Is there a card in it? Battery charged? Oops, wallet's still on the kitchen table. Shit, I forgot my shoes. But the phone? I've got that one down. Always with me. I know I'm late to this party but I'm here now and completely convinced that the only reason I'm about to finish this year's project (one day left!) is because of that little gadget. I'm no pro iPhone-ographer but I'm learning some tricks and really happy I finally caught on. This project has brought me so much clarity and joy that I don't even have to think about whether to keep going in 2013. I'm in. But I'm considering ways to change it up a bit - keep myself challenged. I'd love to hear your thoughts on daily (or any other type) photography projects for the upcoming year and beyond. For now, I'll leave you with some iPhone shots from the last few days. Here's hoping wherever you are, you're as cozy as we've been 'round these parts.