Creative Questioning

There's nothing like a little quilting and a good hot wash to put the finishing touches on a quilt.

This quilt is the fourth quilt that I have made on commission this year. I'm still enjoying it but I worry that 'creating on schedule' might lose it's appeal.

Many of you know that I once owned a knitting shop but I don't talk about it too much here. I was idealistic enough to believe that turning a personal passion into a business could be done successfully and I learned a tough lesson. I had designed knitting patterns and taught knitting and worked in knitting shops for years and when a friend and a friend of hers asked me to join in their venture I felt as if I couldn't refuse. I had reservations from the start but I was afraid of looking back and wishing I had opted in. We each had a dream of what our knitting shop would be but three visions was (at least) one two many. The whole sour experience has dampened my love of knitting and I worry about making the same mistake again.

I blogged once about opening an etsy shop and mentioned that I might reveal the details here but wasn't sure. Some people asked why I wouldn't promote a potential shop on my blog and my answer was/is: separate business and pleasure. Keeping this blog is a pleasure for me and I don't want to spoil that by mixing it with any business venture.

For now I'll stick with commissions. I like making something with a recipient in mind and I like not worrying about my financial outlay.

Those of you who craft for profit, please chime in here. Am I wrong? Do you lose your personal satisfaction by trying to meet deadlines or quotas? Does your feeling of creating for the sake of expression get mired in budgets and profits? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks Erika for letting me use your lovely porch for my photos!