Close to Home :: Muscoot Farm

Today Quinn and I took part in the second installment of our Close to Home series of outings and visited Muscoot Farm.

It meets all of my criteria: five minutes from home (there and back before nap) has easy walking terrain and is free. When we first moved here eight years ago Jake and I visited almost weekly. It's a working farm that is run by the county and is a favorite among locals with small kids. In the summer and fall it's home to one of my favorite Farmer's Markets.

The Sheep had recently lambed — a sure sign of spring's arrival.

These babes have got me thinking about rebirth and renewal and feeling like it's time to get my house ready for Passover.

I made a rookie-mom mistake about halfway into our walk. Can you spot it?


How 'bout now?

We came home muddy and happy ... and barefoot.