Celebrating Mothers :: Meet Nikki

According to Hallmark the second Sunday in May is when we're supposed to honor our mothers (and infuse a little of our disposable income into the economy). And while I'm more than a little put off by the commercialism of the 'holiday', if it means I get to sleep late and have donuts brought to me in bed—I guess I'll take it. I'm pretty sure, though, that showing love and respect for our mothers is something we ought to do every day. Frankly it makes me a little sad to think that it's possible my mother might not know how grateful I am to her, and even sadder to think that that my own boys might grow up without being able to show me. nikki

My life is brimming with mothers. And, while I'm aware of the distinctions between my friends who are mothers and my own mother, every single one of them makes my life richer. Actually, I'm pretty much in awe of mothers in general. We are amazing creatures. We can grow human beings, or we travel to distant corners of the wold to bring our children home, we nurture and sustain them with our bodies and souls, and we get to be people—separate and distinct from our mothering.

This month I'm asking some of the mothers in my life who they are and how they'd like to be seen, and I'm going to share their answers here—in photos.

If you've been coming around for a while or ever visited my Flickr site you'll know that portrait photography is pretty far outside my comfort zone. I'm feeling good about this project as a creative challenge and can't wait to get started. So without further yapping,

I'd like to introduce you to Nikki.

Nikki and I met when she cut my hair for the first time about thirteen years ago. Aside from being talented and creative she just seemed fun. I followed her from salon to salon and kept up with her through the magic of email and Facebook and the last time she cut my hair it was in her kitchen with her two toddlers running circles around us. Over the years, somewhere around the time we became mothers, I think our relationship morphed from that of stylist and client to friends.

Here are some of the things I know about Nikki now: she is beautiful; well-spoken; interesting; a musician; a vegan and a single mother raising two unbearably adorable children.

I hope you'll come back tomorrow and throughout the entire month of May to help me celebrate some amazing women that I have the privilege of knowing. Please feel free to join in and photograph the mothers in your life. Leave a link in the comments if you'd like to share, or post your photo(s) in this Flickr group.