Catherine and I met when I moved in across the street from her almost nine years ago. At that time we were both single mothers living with our children—each of us had a three-year-old. We had attended the same small high school in New York City, knew many of the same people and had loads of other things in common. Our kids became the best of friends and spent summer afternoons playing in the street in front of our houses. They shared first sleepovers, summer camp, science experiments (that usually involved baking soda and messing up my kitchen), trick-or-treating, and eventually the remarriage of both of their mothers within the span of one month, five years ago.

Things that I've learned about Catherine are many and things I still don't know are more. While she is direct and outgoing she remains somewhat of an enigma. I know that she values health and fitness and treats her body accordingly. She is well read and highly educated and often makes references (I'm assuming literary) that go right over my head.

She is a writer and works as the editor in chief for a regional publication. Recently while reading one of her clever and colloquial letters from the editor I began to understand something about Catherine which has never before been clear to me. Her daily uniform involves perfect makeup and coordinated clothing and shoes that look very uncomfortable. Her hair is always styled and her car is always shiny. She almost seems a throwback to an era when women didn't leave the house without first 'putting on their faces' (my mother's term). In this letter she discussed how, to her, fashion was a form of self expression—an art. I started to understand that the way she dresses has everything to do with how she wishes to be seen. And I believe she enjoys the dichotomy of putting forth the traditionally opposing images she portrays. I think she likes challenging people who rush to judgement over appearances. I may have once fallen into this category of people, but only for a minute.

As soon as Catherine begins speaking you realize that she is full of surprises.

Don't underestimate the intellect of a women in stilettos. Point taken Catherine.