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Marking Time

Last night Niall and I took Jake to see Joe Jackson at the Tarrytown Music Hall. We figured, aspiring pianist and all, that it was an experience worth staying up late for. (Poor planning on my part considering it was the night after the election and he was already pretty tired from that late night.) If you ever have the chance to see a show at this theater I highly recommend that you do. It's a funky building originally built in 1885 with renovations that span a few different architectural styles. At one point Niall disappeared and I spotted him on one of the balconies craning his neck to see some detailing over the stage. I think he enjoyed the building more than the concert.

Jake really liked the opening act. Her name is Thea Gilmore and she has a beautiful rich voice which reminded me of kind of a combination of Joni Mitchell and Shawn Colvin. Much to my surprise, he was completely engaged by her. I thought that her folksy acoustic set would have bored him (rock star that he is) but I was wrong. I think her accessibility spoke to him and he was drawn into the music. On the other hand, Joe Jackson didn't inspire him at all. (Remember here, he was exhausted by the time Mr. Jackson began his performance.) But with the piano keys facing away from the audience and each song more epic in it's length than the one before it, Jake just wasn't caught up in it.

I had a rush of emotion during the experience that made it hard for me to keep from constantly kissing the top of his Darth Hoodie head (thanks for the perfect name for his constant hooded-sweatshirt coolness, Erika). But I restrained myself in favor of not mortifying him in public. It was just so overwhelming to experience live music and such extraordinary talent through his amazing eyes and ears. He kept saying things like "did you hear that D-chord riff?" and "it's cool how the bass plays one note off from the downbeat on the whoziwhatsit". Okay, so I'm paraphrasing and I have no idea what he was hearing but watching him experience music on a level that I can't begin to understand was moving and I plan on doing it with him again as soon as I can.

On to what you're really here for. The one-hundredth post giveaway! When I went back through said posts I discovered that the few I had saved and never posted were counted among the ninety-nine I mentioned yesterday, which means that I am only actually at ninety-six today. But who cares.

Remember that entrelac scarf that took me two years to finish?


And how I mentioned that the colors no longer suited me? Well, it seems an awful shame to let the thing sit in the closet now that it's finally finished. Dont'ya think? So, I'm giving it away. Here's the scoop. Just leave me a comment on this post and I'll do the random number thing one week from today. If you care to share the details of the longest or most drawn-out craft project you've ever actually finished, please do so. If not, just say hi and that you'd like in.

I think I'll wax poetic about my first one hundred posts some other time as the last few late nights have sapped my creative energy and I'm going to take a nap while the baby sleeps.

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