Blanket Love


Before I get to the craft content here, there's obvious business to take care of. Yes, that is an orange corduroy sofa and yes it's next to a wall that is, in fact, painted orange as well. Let's start with the wall. It was supposed to be a room for my son to play in. I actually love the orange for a sunny place to play. It's cheerful in there even on rainy days. As our family evolved (more on that another post) we needed the room to be more of an office-studio-family-play-room. The sofa belonged to my parents who purchased it in approximately 1970 when orange corduroy was more, shall we say, acceptable. It happens to be extremely comfortable and absolutely perfect for it's given purpose (save of course the fact that it is orange corduroy).

Moving on. I knit the blanket for Little while I was pregnant last year. It's Koigu Kersti and the pattern is worked from one corner increasing and yarn-overing until the desired width and then decreasing and yarn-overing. It was very fun (for a blanket) and I love the yarn's texture and colors but we have never ever used it.