Bar Code Quilt

I have a problem with fabric but it's not the one you think. It's not that I can't stop myself from buying it or that I hoard it away and never cut into it.

My problem is that I'm overwhelmed by it. There are too many choices. Should I buy the whole line? Fat quarters? Just the blenders?

So I freeze and don't buy any of it. I've never even ordered fabric over the internet.

(Just for the sake of getting to know each other better I'll tell you that I have this problem at the supermarket too. When there are too many choices and I'm supposed to look at them all and compare—I just opt out and move on. Really, how many salsa types does our local market need to carry?)

For some reason I don't have a problem purchasing fabric for a specific project (or when there's a really good sale) so my stash consists mainly of leftovers from other projects (of which there are many) and clothing/linens that are, for whatever reason, no longer usable in their original incarnation.

Sometime last year I started to feel that my quilt making was suffering from all of this nonsense and that I was paying too much attention to fabric and not enough to design. I was getting away from what got me quilting in the first place. So I challenged myself to quilt with all solids for a while. There are a few others from this challenge but this one is my favorite.

It measures 68" x 74" and is stippled all over with a variegated thread. I wrote more about quilting it here. It's not perfectly squared up and I can't exactly figure out where I went wrong, but it doesn't much matter.

I think my exercise in solids worked pretty well but it didn't exactly cure me of my fabric problem. I still freeze up a little in the face of fabric choices and tend to go back to the same types of things over and over. I guess, like anything, it's all part of a process.

I'm calling this one a success, and I know, because after stitching down the last bit of binding I promptly fell asleep under it.

Thanks to John for suggesting such a clever name.