Back At It

The Roundabout Quilt is finished.

I quilted free-motion spirals in the circles and stippled everywhere else.

It was really fun and I love it. So does Jake. He was home sick from school the day I went rummaging through my stash and started it. He helped with placement of the blocks and got very attached to it while we designed. He pushed me to quilt and then bind it and now he won't part with it. The thing is, I wanted this one. For me. Not to mention that he is an eleven-year-old boy into heavy metal music and all things grunge.

Really? Pink and yellow flowers?

In an attempt to reclaim it I pieced a new top just for him:

but he's not terribly interested. I think he likes the circles (I know I do). So the new plan is to make the same pattern again for him, but with fabrics that evoke more boyish thoughts (or at least less girlish ones). Now don't get me wrong, I'm as open minded as the next left-wing-mommy. Jake had anatomically-correct girl and boy dolls. He played dress-up with my clothes and supports gay marriage. But I know how boys can be and I don't think latching onto this quilt will be popular at the sleep overs.

Also, did I mention that I want this one?

When I posted these on Flickr, a few of people mentioned that they would like to know how difficult piecing the circles was. I was thinking about documenting the process of making Jake's replacement quilt and writing a pattern and tutorial for it. Anyone interested?

It feels good to be quilting again. Now if I could just get to the dishes...