Aunt Beth

My Aunt Beth is the closest thing I have to a sister. In fact, she is my mother's youngest sister, but she is the woman in my family with whom I have the most in common.

When she was younger she may have worn the label 'granola' or 'hippie' and though she has outgrown the external trappings of those titles, her soul remains very down-to-earth. She is equal parts city girl and ski bum but might be most comfortable on the beach. She is infinitely open-minded and kind-hearted and just a little bit silly. She is upbeat and positive despite drama after drama that keep landing on her plate. She has raised (are children ever really raised?) two wonderful girls and fills her life with volunteer work and multiple athletic and social activities. She recently started a new career but never strays far from her roots at home.

My Aunt Beth is another wonderful example of the complex and amazing women who influenced me as a child and have continued to be an example to me throughout my life.

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