Part of what I'm enjoying most about this project is paying attention to the ways in which people come into our lives—how exactly our connections happened. I love tracing back through our stories and remembering the moment we came to know each other. So many factors are at play that could keep us from stopping to say hello, and usually they do. But sometimes all the stars align and a connection is made. I met Alexis through my friend Chris, who she happens to be married to.

Chris and I met because we frequented the same coffee shop in town. Our kids hit it off and so did we. So I met Alexis briefly once or twice and we would run into each other in the village occasionally. And then, years later, we met again. This time online. I came across her blog (I can't for the life of me remember how) and she was among the first readers of mine. So we set about getting to know each other—virtually. Even though we live less than a mile from each other we've only managed one cup of coffee in the last two years. She is a busy Mama to three small girls and our schedules don't exactly match up.

Most of what I know about Alexis is what I read on her blog or on Facebook. She is funny. Really funny. And clever and smart and very humble. She has impeccable taste, and did I mention how funny she is? She is  interested in, what I would call, authentic parenting, but also keenly aware of her imperfections and limitations. She has one of those smiles that lights up her entire face but she uses it sparingly as she often seems to be deep in thought about very serious matters. Alexis stays close to home and I don't really blame her. Her home is warm and inviting and beautiful—and I'm vying for another invitation soon because I really like it when we get to visit with each other.