A Stack of Sweaters

These are all sweaters I knit for Jake that don't fit him any more. And they're not the only ones. Quinn has at least three or four more years before he'll be wearing any of them. So you'd think I could manage to finish one or two for him to wear in the interim. But don't seem to be able to. I knit quite a bit while I was pregnant and he had some adorable baby sweaters during the first year (if I do say so myself) but not one still fits him and I've lost my drive. I've got both fronts, a back and one sleeve finished on a cardigan I started for him at Thanksgiving. The pathetic thing languishes in my knitting bag, carried from room to room and in and out of the car, never seeing the light of day.

I've spent some time organizing the photos section of my site where you can see many of these sweaters and more. Most of them were pre-blogging days but I remember yarns and patterns compulsively so if you want  information about any of them, just ask. While organizing these it occurred to me how much more I knit and sewed when I had one child in school and no baby at home!