A Little Quilt

I made this tiny quilt as an exercise in math. I dreamed the pattern but couldn't figure it out on paper. I made one block to determine cutting sizes and just kept going. I put a hanging sleeve on the back and plan to put it up in the babe's room. I find it cheerful and fun to look at (although, not so much against the striped chair).

The quilting is a sort of vertical stippling inspired by this quilt.

It may be the last project I quilt on my tiny old machine because I finally decided which new machine to buy (thank you to everyone who gave me their opinions on what to get). I'll write more about what I ended up with once I have a chance to give it a good workout, but I will tell you that it has a full four inches more of bed space then my current machine. I can hardly wait to get my hands on it.

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