A List in Celebration

While considering for a moment what I might resolve for the coming year it occurred to me that such resolutions often seem to serve only one purpose: to remind me of my failures over the past twelve months. So tonight, on this last night of the year, I'm going to look back. I have a dangerous habit to go quickly to my shortcomings and examine only my inadequacies. This evening I'm going to celebrate my successes.

A gift of confirmation to myself. Join in and confirm your successes — if you're so inclined.

This year I:

Wrote. I'm listening to my voice and learning how to write it down.

Breastfed my baby joyfully.

Joined in.

Was calmer in my parenting. (Please don't misunderstand this to mean that I was calm. But I was calmer.)

Made new friends.

Maintained an effective relationship with Jake's father. (I prefer not to refer to him as my ex-husband although that is in fact what he is to me.) I now even consider him a friend.

Lost all of the weight I gained while pregnant with Quinn.

Finished old projects.

Learned new things.

Began a journey back to gainful employment.

Trusted my instincts more than ever before.

And even though it is much easier to compose those other lists (the ones with all the broken resolutions from last year), I'd say all in all, I accomplished quite a lot this year.