A Gift to Myself

Thank you for all of the birthday love. I'm overwhelmed. It was a day like any other with a few special touches mixed in.

There was an unscheduled pediatrician visit and an ear infection and Saturday business to attend to: haircuts and visits from neighbors. I baked a cake (what's a birthday without cake) and we ordered in dinner and ate in our pajamas. There were no dishes to wash and no diapers to change (thank you Niall). The phone rang maybe fifteen times—old friends and relatives wishing me well.

And there were these.

And facebook posts and email messages too numerous to count.

I felt very loved.

And a I gave myself a gift.

It's a work in progress but I'm feeling ready to share it.

From now on, please visit me here.

I'm excited about the next chapter in my journal-keeping adventure and the places it might go.

If you want to come along for the ride (and I hope you do), you'll need to update your subscription or bookmark.

Thanks for visiting.