A Few Notes to My Boys

Good manners matter.

All the kids at school who are in the cool group will only be the cool kids for now. Long term, the nerds are a much better bet.

Don't tailgate.

Talent is good, but discipline and drive are better.

If you aren't true to your self you can't expect anyone else to be true to you.

Nothing you can do will change how I feel about you.

Even though I'm your mother I am also a human and I get angry and sad just like you do.

I know you're convinced otherwise, but I know more than you do.

I don't care who you love as long as they are good to you.

Asking for help is a sign of strength—not weakness.

If you smile it's actually very hard to feel grumpy.

Your body is sacred.

Never re-freeze thawed food-items.

Always ask a girl before you kiss her.

Cooking, letter-writing and toilet-plunging are all essential skills.

The cliché: 'everything in moderation' does not apply to drugs or cigarettes.

If you put positive energy into the universe it will come back to you. I promise.