A Farewell to Summer

On this the eve of Autumn's onset, my thoughts have turned to summer. For me, our August vacation to Martha's Vineyard was among the highlights of this past season. Next to the place where I met my husband, and honeymooned with him there some fourteen years later, Martha's Vineyard is my most favorite place of all. I've been lucky enough to spend at least part of most summers there since high school. Visiting there with all of my boys for the first time was pretty wonderful. We stayed five days and managed to eat more fried seafood than any human should consume in a year. We swam in the ocean (okay, they swam in the ocean). The baby got over his short-lived fear of sand and Jake got over his fear of jumping off the dock. We hardly wore shoes at all. We ate the day's catch off of crates on the dock while watching the sunset over Menemsha Bay. And there was the Ag fair. The Martha's Vineyard Annual Agricultural Fair to be precise. It's pretty much your typical summer fair: rides (I swear they are the same exact ones that were there when I was in high school), fried dough, sheepdog trials and temporary tattoos. But there is something about the light. Everything glows on The Vineyard. Even rickety old tilt-a-wheels appear somehow to be emitting light.









I didn't get around to posting these photos when we came back mostly because I couldn't choose which ones I liked best. We had a lovely time and I've enjoyed reliving it this evening while deciding on these few to share with you.

I hope you all had the summers that you hoped for and thank you for sharing so many beautiful glimpses of them on your amazing blogs over the past three months.

Now, bring on the autumn.