A Binding Situation

I've got a stack of unbound quilts on my desk.


The oldest one dates back four years.

Can anyone explain this phenomenon to me? Working so hard on something just to stop short of completing it. I've heard suggestions that once they are bound they would leave their creator's possession therefore making the last step akin to saying goodbye. The thing is, almost all of these are going to stay in my house.

Perhaps your encouragement will help. Here are a few sneak peeks to get you going:





Okay. That last one was more than a sneak peek but it's been languishing in a basket for so long I needed to hang it up before I could even measure it.

Here's the recipe I use for making binding:
(width of the quilt x 2) + (length of the quilt x 2) = A
A divided by 40" = the number of 2.5" strips to cut (rounding up of course).

Many of you asked what pattern I used for the entrelac scarf that's up for grabs. It's basically the Lady Eleanor Scarf from Scarf Style only scaled down quite a bit. But the pattern I used to learn entrelac was Danica from the Winter 2005 issue of Knitty I thought it was well-written and I recommend it for a first time entrelac project (although I do suggest skipping the color changes). The yarn was Noro Silk Garden in color 213. I'll post the winner tomorrow morning first thing. Thanks for playing!