41 Things

You absolutely don't need to know about me: My favorite smell is ocean

I can not stand the smell of perfume. any perfume.

I don't have a middle name

I am a creature of habit

I can identify most any dog breed (it's a gift)

I don't care for Halloween or Valentine's Day

I love Thanksgiving

My grandmother once told me that I had 'worker's hands' (I still don't know what she meant, but I liked it)

I spoke at my grandmother's memorial service while I was 7 months pregnant and opened with a joke

I am very (very) messy

I like things very neat

I count my husband, mother and ex-husband among those I consider my best friends

As a child I checked under my bed every night for years after seeing the movie Poltergeist

I don't like talking on the phone

I use foul language. alot. (I blame my mother for this)

I believe in Karma

my cupboards are filled with mis-matched glasses and dishes

I put paper shades on the window of my new house eight years ago. they're still there

I'm generally against shoes

I'm short (5'2" to be exact)

I always come up with clever retorts to rude comments - the next day

I love a good medical drama on TV (and some that aren't so good)

I've been to the Galapagos Islands, Israel, France, Italy, Greece and England

My favorite place is Home

I take my coffee strong with half and half and one sugar

I gained 48 pounds with each of my pregnancies

I have 3 tattoos

I don't drink - never have

Every room in my house is painted a different color but I wear blue jeans every day

I am very sad that gays and lesbians don't have the right to marry in our country

I wish I spoke Spanish

I collect ceramic pitchers (I have 6)

I can be a little cynical

I'm skeptical of cynics

I married a skeptic

I love eating salad but hate making it

I don't believe in luck

I'm extremely superstitious (I hate this about myself)

I'm very friendly (I love this about myself)

Today is my 41st birthday