211 :: A Giveaway

Do you remember reading Black Beauty as a child? I do. I read it in a weekend and it was among the first times that I realized how transforming a good book could be (I recall having similar reactions to a biography of Amelia Earhart and Stuart Little). So when my dear friend Sharon told me that she had written a 'children's version' of Black Beauty I could only ask 'why?' (I tried to be polite about it.) Sharon explained graciously that the basis for the story (good vs. evil) was classic and that there was no version suitable for younger children (the publisher suggests ages four through eight but I read it to Quinn, who is two, and Jake, who is eleven, and both were completely engaged). Sharon teamed up with Caldecott Award winning illustrator, Susan Jeffers, and the result is nothing short of spectacular.

Aside: I was not given a copy of this book and you might notice that there is no advertising on this blog, so I have nothing to disclose regarding endorsements—I just really want to spread the love.

So, in honor of my two hundred and eleventh post (why not?) I'm giving away a signed copy of this beautiful book.

Leave me a comment here to be entered for a chance to win (not necessary but appreciated would be memories of your own favorite childhood books) and link to me from your blog to be entered for a second chance. I'll choose a winner on Monday and will be happy to ship worldwide. Good luck!

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