Why I love In-Home Family Story Sessions, Westchester New York Photographer

I breathe a sigh of relief on my front doorstep, before I even step over the threshold.


It’s where I’m most comfortable and at ease and after over ten years of photographing families, it’s clear to me that I’m not the only one. There really is no better place to get a feel for what makes a family tick than in their space, their nest, their comfort zone. So, when I’m shooting a Story Session and, documenting a family as they are, today, I encourage families to have their session at Home.

Bonus that this means photographing families all year round here in New York without having to wear wool skivvies.

This family invited me in to their Katonah home this winter and the sheer affection they have for each other just radiated into my camera. I hope you feel it when you scroll through these selections of images from their session.

Also, that cat.