Enrica and Rafi - New York and Hudson Valley Family Documentary Photographer

I recently photographed Enrica and Rafi at their home in the Hudson Valley for an editorial piece about mothers who have suffered PTSD as a result of taking care of medically fragile children (you can read the full piece here). The editor who hired me didn't know me beyond my photographs. She didn't know that I have spent a lifetime caring for a child with health issues and that I have suffered. She didn’t know that I know. I know how hard it can be to pull the covers back in the morning and that some days the act of taking in breath can seem too overwhelming a job. I went into this job expecting to feel some of this mother's weight and wanting to shine a light for this piece. But the joy this beautiful boy exuded was so bright that no other light was necessary. It never ceases to amaze me, how observing and composing and looking through my lens can show me things that go so far beyond the images that result. Meet Enrica and Rafi.

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