The Trebs | Westchester County, New York Friends Photographer

My oldest son is graduating high school in a few weeks.

Within the span of the two and a half seconds it took me to compose that eleven-word sentence, my emotions ran the gamut from excited to weepy all the way to entirely freaked out. And that's about how my days have been lately. It's a roller coaster that makes my hazy memories of the early months of being up all night nursing a newborn feel like a stroll in the park. This parenting teenagers thing isn't for the faint of heart. 

Every day I fight off my unintentional (but undeniable) countdown to his departure. (Is this our last trip to Target to buy socks forEVER?) And as his days at home become fewer, the list of things I'm going to miss about having him around grows larger. One thing, in particular, that I hadn't expected to hit me so hard is how much I'm going to miss his friends. He hangs out with some pretty exceptional young people and I love having them around. 

Some of his closest friendships have been formed through the a capella singing group he has been a part of for the last few years. Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph this amazing group of kids all together and it was a blast! (I think they had a pretty great time too but you can judge for yourself from the photos below.) If you look hard enough, you might notice my younger son (who is eight), photobombing a few of the pictures and the teenagers being pretty good sports about it. 

This session was such a great success that it inspired me to offer something similar to clients: Best Friends Sessions. These are available for a limited time only (from now until the end of summer) and will be structured a little bit differently than my other sessions. They're kind of a build-your-own-session to allow for different group sizes. They come with all of the digital files for use on social media and other products (photo books or prints etc.) can be bundled together based on your needs.

I had graduation presents in mind when I put this together but I think these sessions would make great gifts for special birthdays or end of the year gifts for group leaders etc. For full details or to book yours, click here: Best Friends Limited Edition Sessions or contact me here

And if you need me, between now and dropping my son off at college (and for who knows how long after), I'll either be laughing or crying, depending on the minute.