2009 - 001

I've finished my first quilt of the new year. The pattern is Amy Butler's Belle Quilt done in a mix of fabrics, but I couldn't tell you what they are. I just pick the ones I like and go from there. I started making this as a holiday gift for my sister-in-law but quickly decided that it wouldn't be leaving my home. For one thing, it's pretty specific. You'd have to really like whimsy and bright to like this and I wasn't sure she would. For another, I just wanted it. Don't worry though, she got something lovely. (Of course, with all of the late-night-pre-holiday-crafting, there was never really a good photo op, so you'll have to take my word for it.)

I don't have much experience with appliqué but in keeping with my impulsive nature, I decided to jump right in. I really love the bold graphic effect of the giant circles on the pieced squares. All in all a fun pattern and I think a pretty successful quilt. It's a good feeling to finish something and be really pleased with it instead of highly critical.

I tested it out yesterday by curling beneath it with a cup of something hot (it's not as romantic as it sounds - mostly it was theraflu) watching the kids play. Jake was home from school because of icy roads and it was chilly in the commonplace house. But the new quilt served it's purpose. How could you be grouchy while wrapped in those colors?

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