The Sweet Young Family Across the Way

I live in a close-knit neighborhood. It's delightful. The kids play out front until dark and we look in on each other when the weather is bad. When one of us is sick, the whole neighborhood pitches in and when one of us has a baby, everyone dotes. When these guys moved in across the street a few years back, Big Sister was just a few months old. Being in a different stage now (my boys are in third and twelfth grades), it's been especially fun to watch as their family has taken shape. I was overjoyed to be able to document these early days for them.

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Nikki + Chuck Get Married

So, I don't typically photograph weddings. I'm a believer in the school of thought that says you do what you do, and you work your ass off to do it as well as you can—that spreading yourself too thin (trying to do everything) only results in mediocrity. I'm not a landscape photographer or a street photographer or an architectural photographer. That's not to say I don't ever photograph those things, but they're outside what I consider to be my specialty. When my friend Nikki asked me to photograph her wedding I tried to say no. Really, I did. But she worked it: "We aren't having a typical wedding and we don't want a typical wedding photographer, we want you—just do what you do and we'll be happy". Clearly, I didn't stand a chance.

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A Little Bit of Summer | Katonah New York Newborn and Family Photographer