Lifestyle photography means that your photos will appear unposed and organic but are actually carefully and creatively photographed.

Whether you're looking for engagement, maternity, newborn, child or family portraits, my sessions all work similarly*. No matter which session you decide best fits your needs, your end result will be a collection of images that are suitable for displaying in your home, sharing online and pouring over in treasured books for years to come.

I am available for portrait sessions all year in the New York City, Westchester, Fairfield area and available for travel by request. I have limited session availability and, when booking, it's helpful to contact me a few months in advance.

After you've looked through my portfolio and decided that my style appeals to you, we'll consult and decide on a location and date. I prefer to work in your home or other place that holds meaning to you, but I can also offer suggestions based on our consultation. Sessions are casual in nature, but I keep things running and offer direction and guidance. I promise that you won't feel at a loss - even if you don't enjoy having your picture taken (and let's be honest: who does?). We will work together and the resulting photos will tell your beautiful story. To see some examples of recent sessions, click over to my blog.

My fee includes our pre-session consults, our session itself, my post-session editing and all the digital files from your session. Beyond that, should you want prints, wall-art (canvases, framed prints or gallery blocks) or keepsake books, I offer packages and custom design for each.

If you have questions or would like pricing or other information, please reach out to me here

*Professional and social media head-shot sessions are the exception and work a little bit differently, contact me for details.