I believe in the power of a photograph. I believe in photographing smiles and tears and belly-laughs and wrinkled noses (and wrinkles in general) and thoughtful glances and pensive stares. I believe in capturing true emotion, and my goal as a photographer is to make images that will—years from now, when you look at your photos—make you feel that emotion. 

When I'm not photographing your family, you can probably find me at home, in the suburbs of New York City, where my partner and I are raising our two intense boys - ages nine and eighteen. I love baking, the smell of the ocean, sand in between my toes, a quiet cup of (very strong) coffee before everyone else wakes up, and rivers - I love rivers. I believe that freckles should never be retouched and that holding hands is underrated, and I can't wait to find out what you love.

In addition to photographing children and families, I write for multiple print and online outlets about helping others photograph their own families. I've authored a (bestselling!) book on the subject of photographing daily life with kids, and I teach photography workshops for parents. My work has been featured globally and my parents are pretty proud of me. 



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