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Day 21. We live in the kind of place where kids knock on their neighbors' doors when they want to play. You're bored? Go ring a doorbell. Find someone to run around in the back with. Bring a ball. Or a Nerf gun. Go on, but be back for dinner! It's the kind of place where neighbors are actually friends. I have to be at work early on Thursday, can I drop him at your house before the school bus? Thanks, I owe you one. They move today. Not far, but not next door anymore either. She came over for breakfast while the movers began their work. The two of them looked through the books of photos from years past and pointed out all of the pictures the neighborhood kids were in. Remember that time we made a fort and ate dinner in it? Oh yeah! And that time we all jumped in the pool exactly at ten o'clock on opening day! New year's eve 2012, I forgot about that! Oh look how small the little ones were! The first day of school that year after the storm. And that snow day! These two. A little part of their collective childhood changes today. I'm so very grateful for those memories and for these images that keep them close, and for this practice of mine. 


18/365. He couldn't sleep. He asked me to sit with him and with tears in his eyes he asked me how this happened. Why, he asked, would anyone consider any human to be worth any less than any other. Why, he asked, would so many people support a man who has demonstrated such hatred and bigotry. Not understanding it myself, I had very little to offer. I reminded him (and myself) that nothing can change what we believe and that nothing can change what we know to be right. No person or group of people can change the values we hold. Then we watched Dr. King's I Have a Dream speech and found ourselves renewed. And somewhere close to midnight, still not able to sleep, he asked for paper and a pen and drafted some words about his own dreams. When we finally went to bed, I think we both felt a little bit better about what happens next. 


10/365. An hour knitting with friends felt like a vacation. Spontaneous lunch with my father. Some time spent at the computer that could have been more productive. Q, off the school bus with a friend over. Watching our President's farewell speech through watery eyes with J. Texting with N from the plane on his way to PDX. Up late watching The Crown. Today.

January 05, 2017-DSCF529417.jpg

5/365. It's not that I'm against homework per se, it's just that when he comes home after a day of sitting at a desk and following instructions, I just can't see clear to not letting him just go play. So, I admit, around here, some days we do homework in the mornings. I realize it won't work forever, but for now, it makes for much more enjoyable evenings.