Day 51

Day 51. Neither of us was really surprised to hear asthma as the diagnosis. And I know it can be managed without too much trouble. Still, though: ugh.

Amy Drucker
Day 50

Day 50. Waking up at my parents' house. Traditional breakfast out with my father. A nap. An unexpected break from winter and an afternoon walk with my mother. A small reprieve from what has been a undeniably stressful time. Today. 

Amy Drucker
Day 49

Day 49. There are many benefits of him being less than two hours from home. One is that we can surprise him with a visit and he can show us his favorite buildings on campus. ⠀

Amy Drucker
Day 45

Day 45. Lesson learned: freezing rain does not deter nine-year-old boys when there are snowmen that need building.

Amy Drucker
Day 44

Day 44. I'm not a fan of the obligatory purchase and exchange of sugary treats. (Unless someone is gifting me chocolates.) He, on the other hand, has very specific ideas about how things should be done. ⠀

Amy Drucker
Day 43

Day 43. We braved the weather to attend the opening reception of the Young Artists show at the Katonah Museum. I thought about not getting out of bed on account of feeling ick, but he was "so excited to see (his) work hanging in a real museum" that I couldn't bear to miss it. ⠀

Amy Drucker
Day 41

Day 41. Some days, between his (usually) serious demeanor, his deadpan sense of humor, his crazy-sophisticated vocabulary, his being nearly as tall as I am and the fact that I can hardly remember a time before he was born, I forget that he's only nine. And then other days he comes walking home from the school bus with his sneakers untied and his snow boots on his hands.⠀

Amy Drucker
Day 40

Day 40. I will never understand how it can be so difficult to rouse him from sleep at 8am on a school morning but on a snow day? Crack of freaking dawn. Raring to go. 

Amy Drucker

Day 39. No one ever deserved a strong cappuccino and a buttery treat as much as a school photographer after a morning spent photographing 50 preschoolers. ⠀

Amy Drucker

Day 38. I haven't been sleeping well and it's catching up with me. I remember when my mother used to talk about the physical and emotional changes she was experiencing when she was about my age. I remember wondering how she was able to get anything done feeling like that. And now I know. It's a slog.

Amy Drucker

Day 37. You know all of those things you swore you'd never do when you had kids. Yeah. 

Amy Drucker

Day 36. I'll never tire of making portraits of his adorable face, but I'll be glad when I get to see that adorable face for more than two hours of daylight a day.

Amy Drucker

Day 35. It's his favorite winter sport: fort reading by lantern. Bonus points if the fort is ON his bed. 

Amy Drucker

Day 34. Most days he forgets I exist for hours on end. Until bedtime. ⠀

Amy Drucker

Day 33. Thoughtful check-ins by people I love, a little bit of sunshine, catching up with a friend I've been out of sync with for a while, a drop in appearance by my father, a good report from my mother's doctor, and 58 images uploaded to my stock portfolio. Today was a good day. ⠀

Amy Drucker

Day 32. You and I. Beginning to acclimate to the quiet of having your brother gone again. Balancing missing him with enjoying not having to share attention. The new/old normal. ⠀

Amy Drucker

Day 31. School dismissed early and I waited for the bus in the snow. 

Amy Drucker