Amy Drucker

Because your story matters.


Lifestyle and documentary photography for families, brands and individuals in Westchester and Fairfield Counties, New York City, The Hudson Valley and beyond.


Come as you are.

Photographs that document the beautiful imperfections that make up family life.

Imagine letting go of the idea that family photos mean wrangling unwilling little ones into perfectly pressed shirts
(not to mention perfectly pressing those shirts) and making sure everyone's hair is combed impeccably.

Or family photos in which no one even needs to get a haircut and bare feet are encouraged.

Imagine family photos where you don’t need to clean your house or worry about your kids’ behavior.  

Family life is messy and busy and loud and cozy and silly and joyous and a million other things.

And all of them are beautiful. Because all of them are real. 

Now, imagine family photos that reveal this beauty and allow you to hold on to it - even just a little - long after everything slows down.


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